Planning A Social Event

If you’re planning a birthday party or other social event, but don’t know where to start, we’ll take the guesswork out of it with some tips and an easy-to-follow party planning checklist. This special checklist for a social birthday party comes from Ningbo and divides you one after the other into steps to follow. While we are still in the summer months, we will also discuss some ideas for garden party themes.

Plan Your Guest List

First of all, decide who to invite and remember that, regardless of the number of people invited, the expected participation rate is usually about 70-80%. If you have few numbers, but you want it to be a little busier, you should ask the guests to bring a Plus. If you don’t want it to be crowded, you can hold back when you invite those you are not sure about.

Set the time and date

Keep in mind an important and favorite date, but if you can, try to be a little flexible and don’t limit yourself to this date. This allows you to check if the most important guests are available for the appointment you have chosen. If it’s a birthday, you may want your immediate family, your children and your best friend to be there, so you may need to adjust the date a little to make sure everyone can do it.

If you are looking for an external location, you may also need to be flexible on the dates of availability of places. However, when choosing your house or garden, it is usually the weather that you need to watch out for!

Choose the theme

That’s the exciting part! The theme of the party must match the occasion, so if it’s a birthday, you’re in luck, because within reasonable limits, anything is possible! Costume, color theme, a personal theme for the birthday person or just to follow a trend.

If you are going for a garden or outdoor party, it can be suitable for so many exciting topics – the following paragraph highlights some garden party trends to inspire you. Remember that after defining the theme, the food can also suit the theme and the decor. Even the activities or games you do, too!

Garden Party Trends

A popular trend for garden parties is currently the Mad Hatters Tea Party theme, which focuses on crazy costumes, all the cakes, teapots galore and a little bit of everything! A messy spread with a fun twist and a wide variety of cakes and tea. Another popular offer for garden parties is the promotion of continuous grazing instead of a fixed meal time. Wicker tables enjoy great popularity, where the food is organized in a pretty crazy layout, almost too good to eat! You can have hearty willow boards and dessert willow boards, and the good thing here is that you can distribute them in the garden to encourage grazing in different parts of the garden rather than letting everyone sit down for lunch or dinner at a specific time.

When it comes to decorating for garden parties, the key trend of the moment that seems to remain is the use of casual pillows, skirting boards, candles and canopies. Create small, lush, imperfect and not necessarily neat cozy spaces. Spaces to relax, drink and chat in a comfortable space by candlelight.

Send invitations

You can do this either by text, by e-mail, using a traditional postcard or as the most modern people do, create a Facebook event. If you choose to do it digitally via a Facebook event, you can then share all your photos and have the option to edit the details and update them all at the same time. In addition, it is also easy to chase people there.

Enjoyment and Extras

DJs, bands and photo booths are popular options when it comes to parties, and these work for outdoor parties too! If it’s an mature birthday, you might want an acoustic singer constantly playing in the background, something rather relaxed, but the mood determines.

Organize the catering

We touched on a few ideas above, such as wicker boards, but, of course, you need to take into account everyone’s needs, so think carefully about what is suitable for all guests. Don’t forget to ask yourself, do your guests have any allergies or special dietary needs? You can use external caterers to take the pressure off – cakes are always a good cry and you can ask guests for their filling preferences in advance! Other good ideas include Self-cooking for your guests, which can be easier to prepare by cooking large pots such as chili, spaghetti bolognese or stew. Then all you need is rice, fries and Nachos and let everyone serve you!

Configure The Help

If you have rented a place for your party or used an outdoor space in another place, find out who your local contacts will be to help you. If you are organizing the party at home, try to gather a few friends to help you on this day, because you can’t do everything yourself. You can do your own little tasks; someone who fills the drinks after the first hour, someone who removes the dishes after eating, and so on.

Have fun planning the details!

Last but not least, have fun planning! Have parties where you browse Pinterest, Blogs and magazines for decoration and party ideas that fit your topic. Make some Moodboards. Make friends with suppliers. Ask for advice – make it as fun as possible!

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